A Day in the Life of a Victoria James Lifestyle Manager

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A Day in the Life of a Victoria James Lifestyle Manager

You might have wondered before ‘what does it really mean to be a lifestyle manager?’. Often a role that many people find elusive until they actually ask the question, being a lifestyle manager is a varied, busy and fulfilling role that requires a specific set of skills and experience to be able to take on and succeed in.

At Victoria James, our talented lifestyle managers fully embrace their day-to-day tasks and are skilled in handling whatever the day throws at them. Here one of our longstanding lifestyle managers Emily Scott takes us through a day in the life at Victoria James…

The Role in a Nutshell…

My morning starts with a cup of coffee at my desk, as I open my inbox and start to reply to any emails sent during the course of the evening. As I sip I anticipate the day ahead - my role is to meet my clients’ needs. This includes doing anything for them from running errands and completing ‘to do’ lists, to getting them on a VIP guest list for the weekend ahead. My aim is to free up precious time for my clients, leaving them free to pursue their careers and family life without the daily tasks of running a home and maintaining a certain standard of lifestyle holding them back.


Each day I have requests that cause me to sit back and really think about how I will achieve what is being asked of me. One of my long term clients that has come to really rely on me always requests something different for their Christmas tree, and this year was just the same. The client wanted me to arrange for a Christmas tree to be delivered to their hotel suite in Bali, and they wanted it to arrive fully decorated.

The family had a tradition of putting the star on the top of the tree together as a family, in different locations all around the world. Last Christmas, they wanted to put the star on top of the tree in the sea in Bali. While challenging, I went ahead and arranged this as requested, and received a wonderful photo of the moment the family completed what they set out to do.

Almost everyday I deal with last minute requests, with the most recent being to arrange tickets to see Ricky Gervais perform in London at the Jackson Lane theatre in an unpublicised gig that had been sold out for months. Despite this barrier, I was able to get hold of tickets at the last minute for my client by using my contacts, and I’m told they thoroughly enjoyed the show.

This is normal in my role as a lifestyle manager, and I often receive tricky last minute requests and work hard to come up with a solution. Some of my other client requests over the years have included:

  • 10 day travel itinerary around New York for Christmas and New Year
  • Restaurant bookings to exclusive restaurants
  • Property management
  • Property hunting
  • Event planning - parties, dinner parties, birthdays
  • Royal Ascot - chauffeurs, hair, makeup, outfits and hospitality
  • Gift Buying.

I adore my role and love working for Victoria James Concierge. I relish the challenges that my clients throw at me, and love finding solutions to what seem to be impossible requests.

My work is more than a job to me. I enjoy building relationships with my clients, and am always up to date on the latest events, concerts and restaurant openings. This along with my extensive contact list ensures that I can offer the best possible service to my clients.

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